Monday, January 23, 2012

Our New Home Group

 We have taken on a new Challenge this month of starting a home group for those 18-30 years of age, those that are either in College, starting a family or just trying to find their place in this world. It's something new for us because we don't know that many in this age group. Plus it's one of the hardest groups to reach.. Also, if you look at church statistics you will see that this group is the largest group leaving the church and not coming back.
  So, why is this.??? And if this is the case, shouldn't this be our biggest out reach? As I have been talking to various people about this, for the most part everyone has shared with me how they have "tried this"; how difficult it is to work with this group; or how impossible it is. One person spoke to me and said, "Do you always have to go for the hardest things?"
  I listen, and they have valid reasons. They are right in many senses.. But, if very few people are reaching them, then isn't it more of a mission than something that everyone else is doing?  We don't have the answers. I'm not a prophet. But I'm just trying to do something. Anything. It's not that I have had a great vision for this. Its that I see a need and want to make a difference in someone's life.

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