Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nothing is full until it's Really Full

I'm reminded of a time when I was in My dad's JR High Science Class. My dad, was my teacher, and he allowed us to do experiments for extra credit towards our Grade. One girl took a jar of water to the front of the room that was for all intense was full. She began dropping pebbles in to the jar of until it eventually spilled over the jar.
She then Explained it Scientifically that "Nothing is Full until it's really Full".
My dad was in Tears, laughing so hard. No one knew what to do.
I'm finding out that this is how we get in our lives. We are Full of things. We have schedules for sports, tv shows, movies, church, not counting games we play, books we read, activities we are involved in, and Friends we hang with. My Life is full. If I shift to quick one way or the other I spill over. But what is it that's inside my Jar? And what are these pebbles being dropped in to my life,"the Jar"?
My Jar should be full of the Spirit of God, but I'm finding it's full of alot of other things, especially when the pebbles of life start being dropped in. I have all these concerns of Life being poured in to me mixed with the Hardness of Life causing my jar to loose that which it was meant to hold.
I'm leaking. Sometimes I'm just flat knocked over running out of water, "Life".
Where do I get my cup refilled? How do I replace that which is lost? Will these stones ever be removed?
Jesus Calls, "Come to me all who are weary and Heavy Laiden, and I will give you rest." "He who drinks of the water I give shall never thirst again." "Out of his belly will flow rivers of Living Water."
The simplicity of the Good News is he completes us. He fills us. He is our Life. He is the Living Water. He is Good News. By Faith we Believe that he is Love, not has Love. He is Life, not has life. He IS.
Are you Full? Full of what? Cares of this life? Activities? Things? Jesus?
We are to be Full of the Holy Spirit. Pouring out Jesus. Splashing his Love on everyone.

Eph 5:18 "But Be Filled with the Spirit."
No Matter what, "Nothing is full until it's Really Full"


  1. This makes me think and when you told me that sorry I thought of it and was like wow but it truly does make since. When I realize that the pebbles are being dropped in and I feel like my life is just being turned upside down and water is pouring out I realize it's not always full of what it should be and it disappoints me.. In the end I wonder which pebbles there are going to be more of.. I just hope and pray it's with things that are good and Godly.

  2. I know I'm full of some many things, but not the thing I should be full of. When a pebble gets thrown in or my glass gets tilted, it's not always Jesus splashing out. I would love to get to the place where I am totally caught up in Christ that he is Constantly on my mind, but he isn't. But I press on toward that and the High calling of Christ growing in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.