Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Stained Glass Window

You ever been in an old historic Church? The ones with the wooden floors? The Ancient Smell of Wood. The Old Stained glass windows of the Saints? John, Peter, Paul, and Our Lord? The old wooden benches Line the isles, The floor creeks as you walk down the isle and when you get down to the front and center you look out the old stain glass windows wondering what Saint you are looking at, and what story is being told. It's not until the sun shines thru them, that they radiate the story of biblical time, and the story of the Saint is displayed. At first the Story is Alseep, dull, blurred in the colors of blues, reds, white and gold, but as the Sun shines through them they come a live in Colors as radiant as the story they represent.
What is it that makes the difference from the Dull to the Shining is the Sun, and so it is with us.
We too are asleep in darkness. Our colors are Faded. The hues are blended together and we can't make out the Saint we are meant to be until the "Son" comes in.
Then we are a New Creation, a Story for those around us to see and Glorify not the colors or the Windows, but the Artist and Son.
"Giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to Share in the inheritance of the Saints in Light" Colossians 1:12


  1. That's really awesome and just reminds us that we aren't anything without Christ. Christ is in us and is waiting for a time to shine and to make your "display" seen. People see our faith and love for God and they realize that they are different, that simple shine could change a life..

  2. Also to know that we to are like the saints of old. The only difference is we are alive now and they were alive back then, but we are trusted to tell the same story and shine that same glory. Doesn't matter if we are a new creation or an old one. We are only judged on how we let the Son Shine thru us.

  3. Thats so true. People worry too much baout worldly things but in the end all that matters is how much you let Christ shine throught you.. If you dont then thats a wasted life