Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art. The Expression of Self

So, if you have ever been in Art Class you have heard the Teacher tell you that Art is An Expression of Self, and Art is the interpretation of Self. So you look at an Artist's painting and you are to interpret what he or she is saying, or conveying. But then the teacher counts off on your grade if your interpretation is different than theirs. (Been there, done that.) Then if you try to argue your point then you're in trouble and disrespectful.
Then you get older and then they want you to Get Crazy with your interpretation. They want you to see how far you can stretch your imagination and it doesn't matter far off base you are from the artists original view.
What does this have to do with Christ or God, and me? Well, you are God's Creation. You are his work. You are the art and He is the Artist. What is he making with you? Ephesian 2:10 " We are His workmanship, Created for Good Works in Christ." What colors is He using? What is he trying to Convey to the onlookers? God is painting a master piece with you for the world to see.
It doesn't matter if you're a Chalk Drawing, Pencil Sketching, or a Picaso. What matters is the Message people are getting from the Artist.

Again, "Let your light shine in such a way men may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven".


  1. I love the fact that God uses the weak because I feel weak sometimes and I know that God is somehow still using me. The youth is definitely not a pencil drawing we are so crazy and out there with different bright colors being the crazy people that we are and trying to be a light to others. I feel at home with youth and I love it. We are all together as one crazy outgoing group trying to reach the same goal and people notice us. They see Gods love through is and that's what counts. We are a light shining bright to those in darkness

  2. We are a bright and multifacet work of art. Sometimes abstract, sometimes types and shadows. But if we tha canvas can be still long enough and let the Master paint that which he wishes it will tell the story of true love and forgiveness for the world to interpret.

  3. we are light we have so many types of people in our youth group and yet we are all conected because we share our love for God. people in the world look at us and see that we are different that God made us to stand out and make a difference in the world so when people look at you at hate you or judge you for being different they are just scared because you are different and once they get to know you they wil see that what makes us different is the love we have for God.

  4. I am a Van Gogh... or maybe a Charlie Brown?

  5. I would vote for Charlie Brown Jason. Ha! Ha! God is creating a masterpiece in each one of us when we give him control of the brush, pen, or pencil. The hard part is to let him paint the picture instead of us painting the picture that we see in our minds. We think we know what the painting should look like and we try to create it ourselves. Sometimes God's artwork looks very different than ours. Let's strive to give him the brush and see what He creates!!!