Monday, July 26, 2010

Art - Is it Done?

So, I have this Art theme that keeps coming up. I wonder if any of this will ever make sense to anyone, besides me.
You ever see an Awesome Car, Work of Art, Play, Movie, House, or what ever you're into, and Just say "WOW!! That's IT!" It's Perfect. It's Beautiful. I wouldn't Change a Thing. And then you talk to the owner, or builder/Maker and they will always point out where the Flaws are.
A Car, "Well it has this scratch right here" and you have to have it pointed out because you can't see it from all the beauty. Or a Mansion, they point out how the Door Hinges don't match or how the water drips in some unknown Room, but you are Lost in the Magnitude of the place to notice it. Or a Movie/Play that is so Moving as to cause Laughter or Tears and you Feel a great Sense of Wonder in what was done, but you ask the Producer, Play write or Director and they do the same thing. "It was good, BUT.."
So it is with us. We are God's Master Piece. Ephesians "2:10 "We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for Good Works, which God has prepared before hand." So we are his Master Piece. A Creation like no Other. BUT!!! We have Flaws. Some are bigger than others. Sometimes instead of Pointing out the Beauty of the Artist, Pointing to the GREAT ARTIST/PRODUCER, we point out our Flaws. We see the Minor Scratches and squeeky hinges, when we should be pointing to the Master who is in the Process up Building, or Painting His Master Piece.
He isn't done yet. Don't stop the Artist while he is working. Don't put down the work before it is finished.
If you judge the Art, you offend the Artist. If you put down the Master Piece you are saying God isn't good enough. 1 Thes 5:24 "Faithful is HE who Calls you, He WILL bring it To Pass."
Philipians 1:6 "Being Confident in this Very Thing, that HE who Began the Good Work in you Will Complete it/Perfect it"
You're not Done. We aren't Finished. He isn't Done! This Master Piece takes a life time. Some are harder projects and more detailed but in the End. It's the Master that Gets the Credit for his Creation.
So, Behold one another. Help the Work of God. Be the Creation he needs you to be and allow him to Form, Shape and Move you in the position he needs.

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  1. That's so awesome and makes me remember to never give up becase God is still working and doing things that are going to be better in the long run. God loves us and we are his master piece, our flaws and "scratches" are what makes the picture so perfect.