Saturday, December 17, 2011

Releasing the Artists

  Ernest Hemingway where are you? JR Tolkenn, are you still writing? Michelangelo, show us God touching man. Van Gogh, give us another "Starry Night" to behold. Robert Frost,  give us a path less traveled.
For to long our schools have celebrated these people and their work, but we haven't allowed our kids to inspire to be them for "practical" reasons. Our churches have not celebrated them because of tradition. Our society doesn't value them because of monitary value, the lack there of. Our kids write, and we tell them that's nice.. Our kids paint us pictures and we hang them on the fridge and tell them to take their school work seriously. They join a theater group and we ask them when they are going to grow up.
 Yes in the church we are no different. Have we stopped to listen to their hearts? Have we helped free that which is inside of them? What is the fire in their soul?
"There may be a great fire in our Soul yet no one ever comes to Warm himself at it and the Passer-by see only a wisp of smoke comin through the chimney and go along their way." Vincent Van Gogh
Are we stopping by the fire of our kids' souls? Are we warming up to them?
Van Gogh's last words "the sadness will never go away", what is this sadness he speaks? I believe it's the loneliness, The sadness of expressing the unexpressible and no one knowing, hearing, no one stopping to see what is being told.
 Artists take their giftings from God. Van Gogh said, ""Christ is more of an artist than the artist, he works in the living spirit and the living flesh; He makes men instead of statues". Jesus drew our attention to the sower in the field, the birds of the air, flowers and lillies, the faces of the poor and widows.
  Let them paint their Sisten Chapel and have God touch man once more that we may see more clearly the colors of Creation. Let them write and read like the poets of old to express the pains and joys this life offers, and philosophers they are. Let them tell the tales of the heart and soul that grap our attention and tell us of things we have not yet seen.  Yes, let's warm by the fires of their souls. Let them Express the Unexpressible in our churches and give the Great Artist His Art Back in return.

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