Monday, December 12, 2011

You are More than you Know..

    I believe we are created for an Adventure, something more than we understand or know. In the book, The Hobbit, Gandalf tells Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit, “there is more to you than you know.” And so it is with us, we are this mixture of flesh and blood, but infused with this breath of Heaven. So we are at home in this earthen body, comfortable to climb into our hobbit holes and just exist; but there is something divine in us that craves adventure, something more. Yet we are all too often taught and pressured from those around us to suppress this “Call of the Wild” for something tamer, more manageable, more safe. We love reading the stories of adventure and risk, and we love to applaud those that go on these rare adventures, but we justify in our spirits that it’s only for a select few. We say, “I could never do that.” And so we climb back into our burrows and hunker down for a “normal”, “Safe” life like everyone else.

    Yet something awakens in us when we seek the Ancient Paths. When we awaken that which was breathed into us so long ago, that Breath of Heaven blows over the ambers of our hearts causing a fresh fire to light, and it is this fire if fanned will set ablaze our spirits and souls for something greater than ourselves. It requires Risk. It is not Safe.. It requires Faith, not security. It sees things as they could be and not as things are.
    See yourself as a Tree; our roots going down deep into the soil clinging to this earth in which it finds it’s security and stability, and As this tree grows so does its roots, digging ever deeper holding on to this world like there is no other. Yet, this same tree also grows upward, stretching out its branches in Every possible direction to reach the Heaven above as if something unseen is drawing it from the very core of this earth to risk the damaging winds, the violent storms, the cold of the winter night, and the furious heat of summer for something outside of itself. If the tree doesn’t branch out into the heavens it will never accomplish that which it was created for, to give shelter to others, provide shade for the hot, tired and worn. It offers its branches as a resting place for the birds of the air, animals to cling to for security to escape the dangers in the world, as well as nurishment for the hungry. For a tree to do this it must expose that which is weakest. It is that which is frailest that provides the greatest comfort. The blossom, the fruit, the leaves, all which add to the tree’s beauty is actually the weakest..and so it is with us. We stretch out for the unseen; Something in heaven that beacons us to come, and as our roots stay in the soil of this earth our branches reach out, and we expose that which is weakest so that God can use that to comfort those around us.
    Yes, there is more to you than you know. “You are beautifully and wonderfully made.” “And God made Man in His image and He Breathed into him the Breath of Life.”

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