Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kingdoms and Castles

 Are you Building a Kingdom or Castle?? What a great thought. I was in a conference not to long ago and we had this discussion in a break out session. It was so moving, and as I have been typing out the notes from that converience I wanted to share what has moved me.
  We all want to live in the Castle. That's where it's safe. That's where the Rulers Live. That's where everything is easy because you have people doing stuff for you. Here is a few things I have jotted down about Castles.
Castles:  1.) Are Strong holds  2.)  where the ruler of that land stays  3.) where the Ruler is served by others  4.) The Ruler determines who can come in to the castle and who can leave  5.) Castles have Barriers to keep certain people away 6.) Castles don’t move.  7.) You make the Castle nice and decorate it for the benefit of those in it  (Come up with as many more as you can and share..)
   But the people live in the Kingdom move about the country.. Kingdoms - 1.) Kingdom expands over a wide territory  2.) The Nature of a Kingdom is to convert that land into the Mother Land  - Change and influence that group to be like the Mother land   3.) Unlike Castles, Kingdoms affect everything outside the walls. 4.) Establish rules of the mother land,  5.) Brings things of the mother land into that culture
   I love this thought.. Now compare churches as Castles and the Kingdom as the Kingdom of God. Churches have become like Castles.. Jesus didn't tell us he gave us the keys to the Castle but the Keys to the Kingdom. He said "Thy Kingdom come.. on Earth as it is in Heaven." He called us "Kings, and Priests." "Royal Priesthood." and "Ambassadors".  So as Ambassadors we are to bring the Kingdom of God to our Culture. We are suppose to change our world to the imagine of our Mother Land. As Ambassadors are we representing Christ in establishing His order around us, or are we trying to play it safe in the Castle and be served?

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